How To Get New Clients As A Jewelry Manufacturing/Designing Company

How To Get New Clients As A Jewelry Manufacturing/Designing Company

How To Get New Clients As A Jewelry Manufacturing/Designing Company

Do you need more clients? Good. We're going to teach you exactly what process we use to gain new clients and keep them happy for years to come.

Whether you think you need clients or not, consider this. After this pandemic is over, you're going to need clients and we're here to help you with that.

So where do we start?

If you're someone who learns better through video then go watch this video we made a few months ago. 


How To Talk To New Potential Clients


Step 1. Hone Your Skills

In order to ensure that your clients can trust you with their vision and designs, you have to show them that you're capable of handling them first. You do this by showing them your previous work and how you've helped other companies achieve their goals. Show them any awards you may have and any problems you've helped other companies solve. Present to them your staff and give them a brief idea of how you will be handling their work. It's very important that you're transparent and honest with how you work and set your expectations early on.

Step 2. Figure Out What They Want

Some clients may be motivated to make an impact with their jewelry while others may be looking to only make a profit. For others, it may be a fun project to work on, or they may want to prove that they can make better jewelry than another company. Whatever the reason may be, you have to be able to ask the right questions that will get you to the core of their motives so that you're able to move forward accordingly.

Step 3. Figure Out Their Target Market

Once you know what drives them, we have to find out, who is their jewelry for? Who are they trying to target? This will tell you a lot. Everything from the quality of the jewelry to its overall design. This information will tell you a lot about the jewelry you will be manufacturing for them in the future. It'll also help them feel understood by you and show them that you actually care about their needs too. 

Step 4. Start Working With Them

Show them proof. Help them design a brand new jewelry piece or one of theirs right in front of them. This will allow you to show them that you actually know what you're doing. Whether that's handmade or CAD. Show them that you have the skills to get the job done nicely and efficiently. Allow them to participate in the process if possible so they have a sense of control as well. Not only is this good for proof, but it also helps build a relationship with your client. 


We hope you found this guide really useful and that you're now more aware of what goes on behind the scenes at Kabartsy. This is the process we use to get new clients and keep them. If you would like to know what happens after Step 4 then send us an email to and we'll answer any questions or feedback you may have.

Stay safe everyone, we will get through this soon.

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