About Us (old)


We create high quality, hand-crafted jewelry with meaning, to inspire mindfulness and reinforce our customer’s commitment to greatness.



Kabartsy is a third generation family business which began in Istanbul, Turkey in the early 1800's. The family has lived in several different countries including Syria, Greece, France, then landing in Lebanon around 1930. All along the way honing in their skills and gaining the knowledge of each regions' styles and techniques. In 1984, the family moved to the United States with dreams of continuing the family business in southern California. That dream came true in 1989 when the youngest sons began manufacturing jewelry designs in Los Angeles. The brothers have continued to hone their skills working with top wholesalers including Christian Tse, with much of their work being sold at Tiffany & Co. In 2013, the brothers won first prize at The Couture Show in Las Vegas with a three-piece snake ring that they worked on for Colette Jewelry.



Here at Kabartsy we believe that in order to have everything you want in life, you need to bring awareness to the center of your being. Which is why we have made it our mission, to help you, bring awareness to the center of your being. We strive to do this by producing high quality, hand-crafted jewelry that places emphasis on the meaning of the piece before anything else. Gold and silver are incredible metals capable of absorbing the energy of the designer’s intention. This means that from the moment you come in contact with one of our pieces, you will begin to feel the energy shift, and that is just the beginning. Once you begin to wear the piece and embrace its true meaning, you will start to notice a small awakening of your being. However, if you really want to get there fast, we recommend doing extensive research on the meaning behind the piece. Now, let us give you a more intimate insight into how our jewelry is manifested. Let’s be honest, good energy produces good results. Our designer pours his entire soul in making every piece, without caring about time, or money. We believe that through the use of hand-carving tools, we can craft a soft, natural looking piece that resembles the journey of the person wearing it. We’ve also carefully chosen the magic weight number for every piece so that you’re constantly aware of your center. The value is deeply embedded in the process and its visual appeal. So not only are we helping you accomplish anything you want in life, but we’re also enhancing your overall outer persona. Think about it, once you start wearing one of our pieces, you will gravitate positive conversations with people. This will naturally lead to attracting positive people into your life. On top of that, by investing your hard-earned money on something like an inspirational piece of jewelry, you will reinforce your sense of commitment to greatness. You’ll also have something tangible to pass on to your family or friends that will never go bad because gold and silver are precious metals that are meant to live for eternity. Lots of research has gone into the production of our jewelry to fill a void that no other market has been able to. We also make videos that bring awareness to the center of your being to demonstrate that our lifestyle is directly aligned with our jewelry. Our designer brought awareness to the center of his being through jewelry, and we are sure, it can do the same for you