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Galaxy Swirl Silver Necklace

Galaxy Swirl Silver Necklace


Inspired by our very own beautiful galaxy, the milky way, and the more that exist. This piece represents the swirly shapes that galaxies take in order to hold our solar system and life itself in place.


Pyrite is also known as “Fool’s Gold,” an iron sulfide mineral, formed around the world in a variety of geological formations. Pyrite is an Earth element, also resonating with Fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and lasting presence of the sun and the ability to generate wealth by one’s own power. A masculine stone in its nature. A gemstone of action, vitality, and will, that taps into our abilities and potentials, prompting the flow of ideas. It brings confidence and persistence to carry things through to completion. Pyrite stimulates the Second and Third Chakras, enhancing will power and the ability to see behind facades to what is real.

A protective, shielding stone to wear. It enhances the protective and assertive male energies in both men and women. Pyrite guards us against ongoing control, criticism, and manipulation without changing the balance of power. Lending us the power to resist without becoming angry or upset. It energizes the area around it and gives an immediate increase in vitality and stimulates blood flow to the brain, increasing mental clarity, focus, and recall.

To our special clients, just like you, this piece is unique; it is one-of-a-kind that will not be remade. Kindly note, you may customize the chain to your liking. To do so, you may email us. 

Designed and Handcrafted In-House in Downtown, Los Angeles at the Home of Diversity, Kabartsy. 

This piece will be shipped within 2 business days. 

  • Sterling Silver 17.6 grams
  • On a 17.0″ 4.2mm round orange garnet gemstone necklace
  • .16 carat weight diamonds
  • Including yellow-orange and pink round Sapphires
  • 149.50-carat weight Pyrite