About Us

The Home of Diversity

Kabartsy Inc is a third generation family business which began in Istanbul, Turkey in the early 1800’s. The family has lived in Syria, Greece, France and Lebanon which has led them to grasp the diverse styles and techniques found in each region and culture.

In 1984, the current CEO, Varouj Khatchikian began his career as a young 14-year-old jeweler in Beirut, Lebanon. Eight months later, Varouj and his family moved to California to start a new life.

Varouj chose to continue the family lineage of working in the jewelry industry and spent his adolescent years learning from professional jewelers. Since he has been in the jewelry industry for 35 years, we have experienced diverse economies to which we have had to adapt our work to. This has led him to acquire enough knowledge to bring any design of any client to life, whether it be our own personal clients or the designers we manufacture for.

Our Past

We have previously manufactured and designed jewelry for companies such as Colette, Sheryl Lowe, and BnB Jewelry. We have even had our own retail store from 2004-2009 in North Hollywood to then move to the heart of the industry, Downtown LA.

Where we are now

Currently, we operate from Downtown, Los Angeles as manufacturers and designers for many other jewelry brands in addition to our own brand, Kabartsy Jewelry. 

For years, Varouj has transformed jewelers, polishers and setters from average to professionals. He has helped start-up jewelry brands catapult to immense  success with his unique designs and high-quality work. Well, what led him to start his own brand? Burning Man; that was the trigger. He finally decided to come out from the shadows and transform his own visions into physical items to be shared by many. 

This new mindset and ambition came after a personal crash, with the realization that our time here is limited. For years, he has led many to become great brands. Finally, he decided to do the same for him. He wanted to create a Kabartsy movement, to tell the story of jewelry. To him, jewelry is much more than metal or diamonds. Each piece is art, a blank book ready to have a story written by its wearer. A single handmade ring can be passed on for generations, having immense value attached to the timeless heirloom. 

Since Varouj has the ability to recognize potential and knows how to bring it out from someone to reach optimization, he has built a hub of diversity. Each employee has a share in the company and its growth. Unlike others, Varouj doesn’t want to reach greater heights on his own; he wants to grow with his people. He has made sure to surround himself with people who have similar intentions for the company.

We pour all of our energy into making every piece, handmade-to-order from start to finish. We aim to provide jewelry that can fit any style. We do not want to become a jewelry brand accustomed with glam and prestige. Instead, we want to remain true to our roots. The home of jewelry created with love and care, jewelry with a story to last for generations. We would like to serve as an example of how a single man’s ambition and dream has grown into a diverse family of soul searchers.