How To Thrive Despite The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How To Thrive Despite The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

How To Thrive Despite The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

First of all, if you haven't seen our last 3 podcast episodes, we will leave a link below so you can check them out!

They will provide you with some context of what this blog is about.


What Is Your Mindset Towards The Coronavirus

Don't Let The Coronavirus Stop Your From Working On Your Future!

How The Coronavirus Has Influenced Our Lives


Kabartsy is all about growth and expansion. Even in hard times, we're devoted and dedicated to success and impact. As proof of our undoubted dedication to our customers and the people who've always supported us, we're offering a brand new array of services and deals that's sole purpose is to give as much value as possible. In these times of difficulty and uncertainty, we're stepping up our game and reaching out to as many people as possible. We're calling our passionate jewelry lovers, jewelry shoppers, jewelry designers, jewelry manufacturers just to name a few. We're offering value to everyone in our industry.


Because we stand by our word. If you didn't click on the links above, then you may not know that we actually have a podcast called "Develop Your Mindset"

The purpose of our podcast is to show you that we care about your growth well beyond jewelry. We care about you becoming the best version of yourself. By definition, it is our duty to put out as much valuable information as possible. In our podcast, we cover a wide range of topics, from business to relationships. We've also taken the time to invite a few surprise guests that are extremely talented in their own respected fields. Thee is no reason why you wouldn't want to be part of this revolutionary movement. A company that started and still remains focused on making the best handmade and unique jewelry also have a podcast that can help your mind reach extraordinary levels of mental and physical growth.

This podcast is still going despite the Coronavirus incident. Our website is also up and running and our brand new services and deals are also in operation. However, some jewelry services may be affected by the COVID-19, all it really means is that some of your orders may be shipped with a slight delay due to not having a fully operational staff in the office.

Ultimately, in this blog we want you to know for a fact that we're still operational and so should you. Don't let this pandemic stop you from going after what matters to you. It's really important that you stay focused because there will be a lot of distractions around you, especially now, with all the news and people talking about the matter. You have to discipline yourself to stay the course and not let the outside circumstances dictate your actions, to a certain degree of course. Be sure to still follow the appropriate guidelines placed by the medical field to keep yourself and those around you safe. Just because you're in lockdown or quarantine, it doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Life will go on after this is done and you must be prepared to assemble everyone together and thrive even stronger than before. Whatever your passion is, whatever your purpose is, don't let it go. Work on yourself. A great line from Shakespeare "Know thy self" matters more now than ever. Take this time to learn about yourself and what you are capable of under limited resources. Don't stagnate, don't quit, don't give up, because the battle has just begun. 

Stay safe everyone!

Best wishes from the Kabartsy Team!

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