Right Now Is The Best Time To Clean Your Jewelry

Right Now Is The Best Time To Clean Your Jewelry

Right Now Is The Best Time To Clean Your Jewelry

We understand the majority of the people right now are staying home trying to find productive activities to do or simply trying to make the best of the situation. 

Whatever the case may be, we hope you're doing well and by any chance, if you own jewelry with precious stones, we'd like to help you clean it AT HOME!

It's simpler than you think and the supplies you will need are easily accessible!

You will need your jewelry piece, baby oil, rubbing alcohol/acetone and something to wipe it all down (it could be a napkin or cloth).

We will leave 2 links down below where you can see Varouj himself, clean stones and clean jewelry with stones, step by step.

Be sure to watch them carefully and take notes. Please be advised that it may take a few tries before you get the process down perfectly, but don't worry or give up because it's normal. You're in good hands with an experienced jeweler!

1. How To Give Shine To Your Dull And Dry Colored Stones


2. Use Baby Oil To Clean Your Colored Stones


We hope you had a chance to watch both videos because they are extremely helpful. They layout exactly how you can bring back the beautiful shine to your stones and jewelry. The best part about it is that it's so simple and it takes so little time to do. It's also safe and the process is as organic as it gets. You can be sure there will be 0 collateral damage. 

When everything goes back to normal, everyone will envy your new shiny jewelry and ask you, how were you able to get your jewelry to look like a brand new jewelry piece? To which you can then direct them to this blog! 

We really hope you found this blog helpful and if you have any questions or comments on how to clean your jewelry, send us an email to services@kabartsy.com

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